milestone Growth Capital Institute


We are champions of an inclusive ecosystem. We support angel investors and founders on parallel journeys to understand pathways to the early-stage ecosystem.


Our education programs empower emerging angel investors and founders as they embark on their parallel journeys to understand pathways to the early-stage ecosystem. 

Our keystone programs include our Masterclass and Accelerator.


By making space for meaningful and collaborative connections, we accelerate the growth of an authentic sustainable thriving community.



Our data driven research enables us to extract impactful insights that supports inclusion, promotes collaboration, and increases the diversity of founders and angel investors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Our team

Our founders bring a wealth of experience in programming, investing, and entrepreneurship. With a proven track record of success, they lead our team with vision and innovation.

Dr. Anne Maghas

Angel Investor | Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor |

Dr. Dawn Batts

Capital | Strategy | Tech | Anthropology 

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